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Ad Creative, Production, Distribution

Digital, Traditional, Creation to Media Management

In addition to our extensive and growing collection of Turnkey Promotions and Campaigns, we realize you need production and distribution of marketing initiatives.

We also realize that there will be times that you need to create promotions of your own, outside of the Turnkeys we have available.
Through your JEMS membership, we can provide you 1-stop, 1-invoice access to…
And here’s the best part… We can provide all of these services to you on an as-needed basis, at prices well below what you’d have to pay an ad agency or even freelancers.

Consider these few examples…

And remember, while others are focused on advertising designed to produce non-measurable, non-accountable results – thinks like brand awareness and image – our marketing efforts are always designed to get you a direct response. That means bodies through the door and dollars in the till.

When those things happen, brand awareness and image take care of themselves.

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