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About The JEMS Institute

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JEMS stands for Jewelers Excellence Management Solutions

For forward-thinking, profit-minded jewelry store owners, managers and team members who recognize the importance of upping their games in today’s marketplace, JEMS provides a virtually unlimited collection of resources in management, sales, marketing and advertising.
You’ll access training, tools and direct help to improve efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.
And unlike any other organization in the jewelry business, you don’t pay monthly fees or annual dues. Your membership is once for life and that gets you unlimited access to our vast knowledge base and consultation, plus permanent discounts for on site sales and management training, 1-on-1 Coaching, turnkey marketing programs, creative and production services and so much more.
The jewelry industry has never seen anything like this before…

Jim Ackerman has been working with jewelers to help them improve their advertising, marketing and sales success for nearly 30 years. Now known as “The Marketing Coach to the Jewelry Industry, Jim is the developer of the Principle-centered Marketing Coaching program and author of literally dozens of the turnkey marketing programs available to jewelers through your JEMS membership.
Jim has been a regular contributor to industry publications, printed and digital, providing articles, commentary, videos, audio programs and in-person speaking engagements, all of which has helped thousands of jewelers over the years.
But the most dramatic results have been enjoyed by his Coaching clients, who regularly experience high double-digit growth rates, by employing Jim’s direct response marketing methods.
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Paul Furse has a history in management and sales that goes back the better part of 30 years. His experience in the jewelry industry includes a stint as a national sales rep for Lashbrook and 15 years of Marketing Coaching for jewelers through the vaunted Ascend Marketing, Principle-centered Marketing Coaching Program.

But late in 2019, Paul took the big plunge and bought a small and struggling jewelry store in a top 30 market. Prior to the takeover by Paul and his partners, the 37 year old store was on track to do a measly $300K for the year. That was in August. But by the time the calendar year came to a close, they were knocking on the door of half a million. That’s a 40% increase in just 4 months.

The next year the store nearly breached the $1,000,000.00 mark and by the time 2022 was in the books – about 27 months post-acquisition – they came within a whisker of $1.5 Million.

Need lots of help? We can provide all kinds of marketing services, from graphic design to photography and videography.



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